The Role of Exterior Painting in Shaping First Impressions of Commercial Properties

First impressions are not always something we consciously recognize, but they happen to us all. How a property is maintained (or not maintained) will send signals to the minds of onlookers. It will determine whether or not they feel comfortable on the grounds. Let’s take a moment to discuss how the professional exterior painting of a commercial building can influence the first impressions of potential tenants.

Great Expectations

When we see a building for the first time (whether it’s a home, apartment complex, hotel, or other commercial building), the condition of the exterior gives us some clues about the owners or managers of the property. If the place is run down, weeds are overgrown, or the paint is chipping and wearing off the structures, then we know that there is either not enough finances to cover maintenance, or else there is a lack of concern about keeping up with repairs.

The expectations of prospective clients and tenants are prone to plummet when they see poor conditions. This is because it suggests to them that any future renter-related needs they have will be met with the same indifference. It can also give the impression that the landlords simply don’t have the ability to remedy their problems.

Property managers may find themselves attracting tenants who adopt a careless attitude as well, letting damage and disrepair go unreported. If they see that standards are low, they themselves may reflect that standard.

Consequently, a clean and attractive paint job says a lot about the manager of a property, and it sends a message of expectation to those who choose to reside or rent commercial space there.

Building Trust

As mentioned above, tenants want to know that their landlords are reliable in taking care of the property. In order to achieve this type of relationship, a basic level of trust is required. Experts claim that any successful business dealings rely on trust between the two parties. The first impression of an attractively-painted building will imprint on the minds of tenants that you are trustworthy in your management.

A good paint job goes beyond cosmetics; it also protects the building, sealing out moisture and shielding the structure. It declares that there is a conscientious individual in charge of the property. For example, someone who can be trusted with responsibility and integrity that tenants will be able to trust in other areas as well.

Be True to a Good First Impression

Putting forth a good first impression is a great asset, however, there needs to be follow through in order to maintain a good experience! For the sake of your time, finances, and reputation, don’t chintzy out on a paint job. If you’re willing to invest the effort and money into repainting your building, have it done right!

Get professional advice about the latest and greatest paints to find products with durability and protective features. You don’t need to feel overwhelmed, as there are experts to help you along the way. What’s important is being able to make decisions that benefit your property and the future success of your business.

Time to Take Action!

If any of your commercial buildings are in need of professional exterior painting, give us a call. We’ve been providing our clients with skilled work since 1985, and we’re still going strong. We pride ourselves on our ability to work around the schedules of our clients. We do this even if it means working on evenings or weekends. We’re here to get the job done whenever it works for you!

Although we’re based in Texas, our team of fully-insured experts are taking on exterior painting projects from one end of the United States to the other, accumulating a record of successful jobs and satisfied clients.

You could be the next one!

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