Epoxy Floor Coatings in Industrial Settings: Meeting High Demands for Durability

Industrial facilities need sturdy and durable flooring. Machinery, vehicles, and manufacturing processes rely on a floor that is highly resistant to abrasions and easy to maintain. While concrete is very tough, it is also porous and deteriorates over time. This is why epoxy floor coating has become a popular choice for meeting the unique demands of an industrial environment. Epoxy is not only strong, but also sealed, long-lasting, and requires very little care for years of reliable flooring protection.

Below we discuss the benefits of epoxy flooring for industrial settings and how to customize the floor design to your business needs.

Facing the Challenges of Industrial Flooring

In an industrial facility, the floor must be able to withstand heavy machinery, chemical spills, high foot traffic, and provide a smooth, reliable surface at all times. This poses unique challenges when selecting the best flooring. Most industrial facilities start with a concrete floor that shows signs of wear over time. However, epoxy coating is an ideal solution, as it offers durability, strength, and longevity once it is properly installed. Epoxy can meet all of the challenges of an industrial environment.

What Makes Epoxy Ideal for Industrial Applications

  • Chemical Resistant
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Easy to Clean
  • Improved Safety

Once a floor is sealed in epoxy coating, it becomes resistant to some of the greatest risks of an industrial facility. Epoxy coating is resistant to chemicals and abrasions. It will not absorb chemicals or oils and on top of this, it is easy to clean. All you need is a cleansing solution suitable to the environmental hazards and a mop. Easy maintenance is essential to efficiently and safely running your industrial business.

The Process of Installing an Industrial Epoxy Floor

  • Preparation
  • Primer
  • Epoxy Layers
  • Curing

When your epoxy floor is installed, your professional team will begin by prepping the floor, cleaning and stripping away anything that might be in the way. They will then apply a primer and let it set before then carefully building layers of epoxy coating to the right thickness. When it is done, a final layer is applied and the floor will cure for several days.

Customizing Epoxy Coating Floor to Your Industrial Needs

  • Anti-Slip
  • Texture
  • Color

Epoxy coating is not a one-floor-fits-all solution. The coating can be customized to meet specific industrial needs. For example, you can request anti-slip additives that will give the floor a naturally better grip for safety. You can have the surface textured to provide a tactile guide or better tracks for vehicles and equipment.

Additionally, you can select a color that will be mixed directly into the epoxy. Vivid colors can emphasize walkways and enhance visual safety in a facility environment. Customizations are often used to enhance the safety and functionality of epoxy coated floors in industrial settings.

Epoxy Floor Lifespan and Maintenance

  • Simple Sweeping and Mopping
  • 20+ Year Lifespan

Epoxy-coated floors are extremely easy to maintain. Regular sweeping and mopping with a mild cleaning solution are all you need to keep the floor clean and in the best condition. In addition, you can also apply stronger cleaning solutions if you need to clean up a dangerous mess, like a chemical or oil spill, when necessary. 

Epoxy floors typically last between 10 and 20 years, and regular cleaning with minor upkeep can extend the life of your flooring even in a heavy-use industrial environment. This leads your epoxy floor to offer a highly cost effective solution in the long run.

Consider Epoxy Coating for Your Industrial Flooring Needs

If your industrial facilities have cracked and stained concrete floors or tile that has seen better days, consider an upgrade that does not require you to pull up the old floor. Epoxy coating will give your floor a durable, spill resistant surface with good traction and vivid colors for enhanced safety. You can even customize the formula to suit your unique industrial facility. Contact Painting Professionals to consult on the ideal epoxy coated floor services for your industrial flooring needs.

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